In Mickey's Eyes Photography

Point. Shoot. Smile.

About Mickey

No formal training, no photography classroom degrees--I just love taking pictures with 2 simple digital cameras, a Pentax W20 and my Nikon P100. 

I'm fascinated with reflections, whether it be in a window or on the water.  I also love the look of weathered, aged buildings, rustic barns, and other things from the past.  They all have character and a story to tell, which I hope to capture in my photos. I am experimenting with modern, abstact images and more vibrant colors. I consider myself as a "outdoor life and architectual subject" photographer using digital photography.

If I see something pleasing or interesting, in my eyes, I point the camera, shoot the photo, and hope to get a smile from the captured image.  Just simply Point. Shoot. Smile.